Destination Plus Movers is a recognized company that is run expertly by professionals who have vast experience. The company has been in business for the last 45 years and this is one of the main aspects that give it a higher cutting edge in the market among San Jose moving companies.

Here are some of the key aspects that give us a higher cutting edge in the market.

  • Personnel who are committed to making sure that customers are served right
  • Insurance coverage
  • Vast areas are served
  • Fair pricing that make us ideal even for clients who are on a tight budget
  • No more than twenty people involved in the move

Let us proceed and look at each of these bulletin to give you a more understanding of our company.

We Cover Vast Areas

Some of our clients refer to us as a moving company without borders and it is true judging from the many countries and states that we operate from. Every years, we work to come up with new ways of advancing our craft and this is one of the things that give us a high level of customer approval for Berkley Movers.

Fair Pricing

In order to serve the customers better, you need to have a fair pricing strategy. That is why we have come up with a system that allows us to give our customers the best prices in the market. You can contact the support team to know the specific amount of money that you are going to pay for the services that we offer. We will also give you a discount that will ensure that you are on the right track from the start.

Insurance Coverage

We care about our staff and clients, and we would not want an unforeseen occurrence to derail us or make the process more complicated for you. As a result, we have an insurance cover that make sure all our clients are compensated if anything out of the ordinary occurs. Nonetheless, it is important to point out that the personnel are keen when doing the work and we rarely need to involve the insurance company in our business.

Skilled Staff

The staff that get to work with us are really lucky because they get a chance to work with a company that cares about their welfare and not just making money. We will work to make sure that our clients get the best moving services and it is not possible to achieve that goal without a team of skilled staff members.

Customer Care with a Difference

The customer care team works round the clock but in shifts so no person gets to work more than the recommended working hours. They are instrumental in helping our clients get to their destination even in cases of an emergency.

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